Setting up a button

You will discover how to set up a button in this article.

You will require:

  • using a clickera account to edit a page

The "Button" element should be dropped onto your page.

To customize the button element, click the button that you dragged. The button settings will show up on the page editor's right side.

To configure an action on a button, you can select one of 3 options in the settings column.


1) The "Send form" button.
This action is meant to save a contact who fills out the form and move him to the following sales funnel page. 

There can be multiple "Send form" buttons on a page, but they all need to have the same fields. The same automation rules will control how these buttons behave. 


2) Button action: "Open URL"

The purpose of this action is to redirect to the page you want, by inserting its URL, you can then choose if you want this page to open in the same window or not. 


3) Button action: "Next step URL"

The purpose of this action is to r edirect directly to the next step in the sales funnel as soon as the customer clicks on the button.